Our IT Consulting Services

FRAXNET is a leading value-added Technology consulting and IT solutions provider offering innovative IT solutions for a wide range of business needs. Our mission is to support our clients throughout the project from consultation to implementation and ongoing support.

We partner with top IT solution providers and bring their best to your business. We make it our business to understand your needs. We will be committed to delivering exceptional solutions that will drive your business growth.


we collaborate with you to understand your business needs and answer your questions


we implement IT solutions that fit your needs & help your business achieve its goals


we make sure that your team efficiently can use technology solutions with minimum support 

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Consulting Service

Our professional and technical experts in the fields of Business and Information Technology will assist you designing, developing and implementing the right solution for your company.

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Our IT Solutions

some of the solution we provide

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Business Software

Accounting, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Human Resources, Manufacturing, inventory control system, inventory management, inventory management software, inventory management system, manufacturing management, online inventory management, online stock, online warehouse, order control, order management, order management software, order management system, retail inventory management system, retail management, stock control, store management, warehouse control system, warehouse management, warehouse, management software, warehouse management system, warehouse management systems

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Web Solutions 

Websites, eCommerce, eMarketing, email marketing, Social media marketing, mobile apps, webpage development, software web development, website development and design, user experience design, ui/ux design, web development services

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IT and business training, classroom training, online and virtual training, e-learning development 

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ERP Solutions

We provide enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation services. Our experts will help in business needs assessment, ERP selection, project planning, business process re-engineering and management, implementation, customization, data migration, training, and support. 

We implement:


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Integrate Facebook Shop

Get your online store integrated with your Facebook and Instagram shop pages.

If you already have an eCommerce website on Odoo, Shopify, or Bigcommerce, we can help you to integrate it with Facebook shops

If you have  Facebook, Instagram accounts, pages, and shops, and now you want to have your own eCommece store, we can help you too.

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Cloud Accounting System

Get your full accounting system in the cloud and run your business smoothly

Content us and start using your localized accounting system for your country from Fraxnet service for UAE and Jordan.

Fraxnet Accounting is the best cloud Accounting system that you can get today at our introductory price.

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Pharmaceutical Management Software

Get to the most comprehensive and cost-efficient cloud-based solution for the pharma industry. A full information system software for pharmacies, pharmacy chain, hospital pharmacy, or pharmaceutical distributors. We provide you with a fully integrated platform to address supply-chain management challenges, improving efficiency, transparency and information quality.

Make your pharmacy software more efficient and clinically driven with our extensive selection of value-added products and services

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Internet of Things ( Industry 4.0)

Implementation IOT solution for factories and other operations. Industry 4.0 is the combination of information technology and the  manufacturing processes with the  world around us. A cyber-physical system where machines can exchange data and sense the changes in the environment around them to help in decision making. 

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Website Development

We help you with your website strategy, from planning, designing, development, and publishing. We develop websites that really work for you.

  • Website development

  • eCommerce 

  • e-Marketing & social media

  • Product photography 

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Information System Security Audit

Our ISS audit experts work with you to ensure quality and cost-effective verification of all of your company's resources to verify the security controls and evaluate the risk of information systems within the company's IT infrastructure. We conduct IS assessment of the effectiveness of the environment that controls the information systems. We will report the recommendations and preventive measures that will ensure the proper security and functional operating of your systems.

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Corporate Learning Management System

To help you manage your training and competencies programs at your company, we help implement an effective corporate training learning management system to build, deliver and track professional development and corporate training programs wither in-class or online eLearning courses, track trainee's progress manage their pool of skills and integrate with your HR management system. 

eLearning solutions for employee online training
Corporate training scheduling and enrollment system (in-class)
Training content management
Online Assessment 
Employess's skills evaluation 

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IT & Business Training

We provide corporate training in the fields of information technology and business management. We also started providing workshops at universities, and collages where we train students on current and new in-demand technology needed for the market.

Odoo Functional and Technical Training 
NetSuite User and Administrator Training 
Business Concepts for Startups Training 
Computer Skills Training 
CRM Training ( Customer Relationship Management)
Social Media Marketing Training