Remote Work Management

One solution to run your virutal office and keep your employees productive at Coronavirus lockdown time

Managing Virtual Remote Employees

helping businesses manage their workforce remotely

Working from home has became a critical functions as the lock-down affecting many businesses due to the corona virus ( Covid-19) crisis. We provide full solution to help your business operate efficiently without high cost and provide your with right tools to ease your remote working environment. 


main system function 

Project Management 

Task and Time Management 

HR Management

Payroll, Attendance 

Document Management 

Control business documents online 




all type of needed communication should be controlled

Online Recruitment 

Hiring, Interviewing, contracting, skill assessment, training and eleanring 


Supporting your remote employee 

HR Management

The HR management modules helps your business in Payroll, Contracts, Job posting, Online recruiting, skill and training management, leaves, time-sheet, attendance and will present all main KPIs in a nice dashboard. 


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Project Management 

To achieve standardized goals and objectives of the organization,which is achieved through practice of planning, executing, and closing the work of a team.Project management includes the set of functions done to the resources and execute set of actions to properly manage the projects and execute it at required intervals to provide and achieve concrete results to the  organization.

Remote workforce management system enables its users in easily managing the projects and execute tasks in quick time intervals   

Document Management

Every organization proves its validity and existence through the portrayal of different documents, and these documents are to be well maintained and in order to prevent any loss of important documents, workforce management system understands and helps the organization in keeping credential data and documents at exact and vital points itself 


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Communication Management 

Remote working environment needs lots of communication efforts. So, It is very critical to control, document and manage all business related communication in one place. Wither it is Video, Audio, Chat, Group Chat, Text, you need to have it all. 


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