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Smart Factory Solutions 

Manufacturers today are seeking efficiencies in production, operation, data management,  and the only way are to transform their business through Industry 4.0.  Industry 4.0 is the new phase of manufacturing sector digitization based on the technological concepts of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, leading to the Smart Factory.  Fraxnet partnership with Sinfosy helps you to realize Industry 4.0 without the need for a major infrastructure overhaul that costs a lot of money. Sinfosy smart factory solutions have the ability to connect and extract data even from unconnected legacy systems, and compute and visualize the data for intelligent management and data-driven digital transformation!

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Sinfosy IoT Solutions

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Sinfosy IoT

Sinfosy - based in Germany, develops Industry 4.0 standard solutions. 

Sinfosy provides services in the area of Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0. It is highly scalable end-to-end solutions provide services like Find, Communicate or Grab Machine Data. All of Sinfosy solutions are provided as System as a Service solution (think SaaS + hardware).  

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Real-time localization for production and logistics

Whether in the warehouse or in the production, SINTRA helps to localize your production goods – without search effort, at any time, minutes to date and in any room. SINTRA can also be used across companies without integration. Optimize your logistics processes

Indoor localization, indoor positioning, indoor tracking – as one might call it – it’s always about the tracking of people or goods inside buildings. Since indoor GPS data does not work reliably, indoor positioning, especially in dynamic environments, is initially a technical and often financial challenge. There are a variety of approaches and indoor tracking solutions that are often associated with high costs or, in certain industries (Metal, medical technology, etc.), are not even applicable.

 SINTRA is an affordable indoor and outdoor localization solution based on proven technology while being fast and easy to deploy. No investment, no IT project. 

The search for goods, finished and intermediate stocks, etc. cost time, money and nerves. Many providers are working on indoor positioning solutions. The technologies are very different and range from passive systems (RFID) to active systems, which usually work on the basis of WLAN or GPS. The localization of material is done either statically at certain positions (start/end/read points) or dynamically via tags or tracking of the devices that move the materials (e. g. forklift trucks).

Different passive or active systems are used as technologies. One example of passive technology is RFID, which has major problems with the detection rate in metallic environments.

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STPS , our digital information board, is a low-cost enterprise-class digital communications solution based on proven technology while being fast and easy to deploy. No investment, no IT projects. Make your shopfloor smart. Contact us and we’ll show you Industry 4.0 in Action!

The bulletin board is essential for almost all industries to share information of all kinds. The problem is that this information is out of date quickly and can not be distributed effectively. Well-functioning communication is important, not only at the department level but also across all departments and across all hierarchical levels. A digital blackboard or digital info board can solve these and many other problems and maybe a start to smart manufacturing and smart shopfloor management.

STPS is much more than a digital bulletin board, helping companies across all industries eliminate existing information barriers and media disruptions. Work instructions, live machine data, action and shift schedules (the list of possibilities is endlessly long) are available centrally around the clock and from anywhere – digitally and with tools that are familiar to all. The data is collected digitally and made available as needed – the right data at the right time at the right place. This ensures greater process reliability, more efficient operations and ultimately increases productivity.

STPS, our digital information board, is a low-cost enterprise-class digital communications solution based on proven technology while being fast and easy to deploy. No investment, no IT projects. Make your shopfloor smart. Contact us and we’ll show you Industry 4.0 in Action!

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SILVA  light is based on proven technology. It is not necessary to purchase sensors and program interfaces for monitoring your machines. We use the integrated sensors of standard smartphones. This covers many use cases. Downtimes and throughput are only the beginning – even complex scenarios are possible.

The monitoring, especially of older machines, is often complex and very expensive. Small and medium-sized companies in particular often shy away from the investments associated with Industry 4.0 solutions. An IT project is always necessary for implementation. SILVA light is a solution for machine monitoring that does not require any investment – simply connect and ready to go – in just a few minutes. Therefore, there is no need for an IT project. Investments are also unnecessary. For a small monthly fee, you will receive everything you need to run the solution: software, hardware and the associated comprehensive service. System as a Service “is our motto. In this way, every company, every size and every sector can enter the industry immediately, without any effort or risk.

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With SIGNID, uncertainties in material management belong to the past. With QR-code technology and our app, you can store, retrieve, change and update as many pieces of information as you want for a certain component.

SIGNID provides a central management portal for creating, organizing and analyzing static or dynamic markings in the form of QR, data matrix, barcode or NFC chips.

Different statistics and analyzes can be created via the portal. For example, it is also possible to determine when a code was last read in, by whom (anonymously), where and when this happened. The connection takes place via data-upload or integration into the company-owned IT.

The “markings” can be applied to any material. For NFC chips, they can also be used internally. The production methods of attachment also includes lasers, printing or gluing. The material will not be damaged.

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