Vue.js Developer Industry Training Program (Starting 13 Nov 2020)

Toronto, Canada

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Gaining a real business experience and the know-how is the biggest challenge facing fresh graduates and students when they need to get hired.  This program was developed to give them exactly that. We believe that education and practical industry training should be together more responsive to real market needs. Yet we are still noticing a growing need for undergraduates and fresh graduates to get an appropriate business training and a good opportunity to be part of the business world, work on real industry tasks and projects, and practically learn how things work in the labor market.


Program Fees


This is one of our internship paid training programs designed for fresh graduates and students to help them gain practical valuable skills & work experience. 


The program aims at enabling the participants to work on real business projects, get proper guidance, and learn practical concepts rather than just theoretical concepts. With our partner's network of participating companies in different counties, we are able build this learning experiences and provide this unique and valuable opportunities to you. 

The Practicum Internship Training Program is provided by SchemaZone where you will experience 4 weeks of intensive hands-on training in a full virtual office environment based in Toronto. You will work on real projects, do planning & implementation. You will be taught by Canadian professors, coached and mentored by the business managers from the participating company. 



Internship program 

Your Responsibilities

One month commitment of real business project

Achieve weekly targets for the projects

 Pay the program fees. 

Attend 90% of the program 

You will get 

Canadian Certificate 

Work experience Certificate 

Reference Letter

Invitation letter to Canada

You Must Have

Good English language skills

Pass the interview

Good Computer Skills

Access to computer and high speed Internet 

Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Training Quality:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Class Size:

10 / 20 people

Team Size


Program length 

4 Weeks (OR 8 WEEKS)

No. of projects 

4 Projects 

The Application Process


application will be assessed by the program manager

Online Interview

short interview is part of the enrollment process 


Enrollment fee to be paid before the starting  date

Program Content

The program content include but not limited to the following items

Real Work

Working on real business tasks/projects for SchemaZone and sister companies


Close supervision and orientation from your mentor

Working Time

An average of two working hours per day, Monday through Friday (flexible timing)


Lectures/presentations given by experienced industry professionals


Having your work criticized, assessed and corrected

Remote Working

Fully remote positions with access to online tools and platforms

Program Benefits 

The main takeaways from participating in this program

Priority to be selected for full-time, part-time or contractor position at SchemaZone or sister companies

Official invitation letter to visit our office in Toronto which you can use to obtain a visa to Canada

Practicum training certificate from Reach Academy (Canadian Academy based in Toronto)

Internship certificate from SchemaZone (Canadian Company based in Toronto)

Reference letter from SchemaZone for this program which you can add to your resume 

Close supervision and orientation from your mentor. Having your work criticized, assessed and corrected

Unlocking your potentials and getting prepared to be hired right away

Credits equivalent to 1 credit hours of a university course (American System)


Starting Date : November 13th, 2020 

Ending Date : Dec 11, 2020 Optional extend 4 more weeks for work experience 

Program Fees

Only US$199

About SchemaZone

A consulting, training, and contracting firm headquartered right in the heart of Canada’s business and financial capital, Toronto. We are a success-driven firm that provides management advisory and contracting services customized to help companies from different industries solve business management problems and/or run, lead, and manage their complex projects and initiatives. We have begun from scratch when a network of professionals, PhD holders, and highly skilled personnel bring to a business table their 15+ practical and academic years of experience to form up a concrete blueprint on which the company has been designed. Since late 2017, we offer a combination of expertise, proficiency, and commitment leveraging our deep industry experience along with using analytical rigor to drive outstanding results for businesses. We proudly provide top class consulting, training, and contracting services for a wide range of industries inside and outside Canada. Well-equipped team, advanced tools, and modern methodologies are some of what we perfectly utilize to offer our clients what makes them the best in their fields.

For more information visit schemazone.com

About Reach Academy

A Canadian based professional training academy, located in Toronto, Ontario. Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill, master a trade, or gain a leg-up in a particular industry If so, then Reach Academy might be for you. Designed specifically to enhance your own marketability and viability in your field of work, we partner with a number of individual companies so that you receive real-world experience in your particular field while supplementing those experiences with theoretical studies. Reach Academy offers internships, training programs, and individual academic courses for anyone, regardless of whether you’re an undergraduate or a seasoned professional. We offer courses ranging from advanced content writing, web development, and graphic design, all the way to human recourse training, marketing and business administration.

Visit reach-academy.net

Important Note
You will need to upload and submit the the application.   

  • Updated CV with photo and a Copy of any government-issued identification (ID)  (one pdf file)